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Alan Gaskill

Music, Drama & Movement Teacher

Alan is a music, drama and movement teacher who supports young people in the process of becoming strong, joyful and generative grown-ups.

Alan brings vast teaching and international experience to students, and is prepared to teach music, drama, martial art, humanities and language arts – according to the unique interests and needs of the individual student or group in question.

Alan has served as a US State Department Cultural Envoy facilitating arts-based leadership training for kids in communities affected by war, drug trafficking, and poverty. He speaks Mandarin and Brazilian Portuguese, and holds a degree in Theater from Northwestern University.



Any course of study that a student takes up with Alan includes some or all of the following objectives: 

  • To foster confidence, a sense of ownership and competency

  • To develop the ability to express oneself authentically

  • To develop a versatile, bold and curious mind 

  • To learn how to listen deeply and perceive with all the senses

  • To cultivate a relationship with wild nature and curiosity about its mysteries 

  • To kindle a fire of passion for some activity or subject that can serve as a basis for eventually discovering gift & purpose

  • To initiate the student on a healthful and joyful path of development that offers the potential of achieving a psychologically whole, joyful, and generative adulthood. 

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