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In the era of the drum machine and digital music, we’ve lost something.

Our ability to improvise, connect, relate, express and even transform through musicking, or the music making process.

Back in the tribal days, fun was only one of many reasons people engaged with music making. They also did it to worship, to get to know each other and forge deeper kin connections; they would dance after a fight with another band, to move trauma and hurt from their bodies so they could heal.

People also made music and danced to strut their beauty, creativity, and intelligence in order to court or attract a mate.

Suffice it to say, one of the pressing needs today is for us to transition from being consumers of our culture, to active co-creators of it. This is a trend that has been underway for a few decades and dovetails with the advent of tech and the transition from an industrial society to an information society.

But let’s get into the 5 tips that ANYONE can engage to begin developing their musicking / music-making skills and get down with themselves and their deep human heritage.

Step One: Download Metronome

Download a metronome app from the internet. I use Metrotimer, which is only for iphones. There are a bunch of free options for metronomes on whichever platform you use.

Step Two: Talk To The Beat

Set the metronome to 40 beats per minute, and begin talking to the beat. The video above models how this is done.

Step Three: Sing A Melody To The Beat

Next stage, hum or sing a melody to that beat.

Step Four: Talk And Sing To The Beat

Now we’re blending the elements. Sing your talking to the beat now, and have fun. We’re always going to be wobbly and awkward when we begin any skill, so let it be okay if your first steps aren’t graceful.

Step Five: Sing A Thought Or Feeling
Now, instead of just talk-singing to the beat, you are going to express yourself musically to someone or something.

a) think of a person, or a thing to whom you have something to say
b) sing your thought to that person – to the beat on the metronome.



Please do let me know how this went in a comment, or in the comments section of the YouTube video. Best of luck and sending good vibes from sunny CA.