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The Fallacy Of Doing Something “Important”

I struggled with music for a long time.

Not the making of the music, the learning, the performing, or teaching of it.

I labored under the weight of a bizarre head trip that neither music nor any other kind of art was relevant, and even if other people could make lives out of art, I certainly couldn’t.

Never mind that I enjoyed music, movement arts, theatrical arts, and they afforded opportunities and openings to connect with myself, with others, and with larger levels of meaning and significance.

Instead, I was set on “doing something important.”

I never quite figured out what that “something important” was. I certainly attempted to figure out what it was. I toured a not-small number of professions and industries, before I finally hit my mid-thirties and felt a bit tired with the effort of “trying” so many new things.

So, humbled by God, I quietly got back to the simple and joyful processes of making music, writing songs, and putting together dramatic and musical theater scenes.

Not only did I begin enjoying myself more, but I got to deal head-on with the terrible judgement in my head that I was insignificant and irrelevant, and “nothing more” than a dabbler in childrens’ games.


After all the time spent searching for something important to do, I couldn’t drive my energy and engagement into anything so well as the art.

And I started to wonder if that was the point…

… that NO ONE emerges into this life to “do something important.”

What does that even mean? And who is the one assessing the importance?

The best theory I’ve settled on is that each of us has come to this Earth to be ourselves…

…or to attain to the achievement of revealing our Soul while we live in this body, and allowing Soul to guide each of our lives.

The Revealing Of Soul

The revealing of soul, some say, is the purpose of life on Earth. To make manifest the boundless, timeless Eternal while dwelling in limited, ever-changing & certain-to-die form.

This is an entire life’s work, the revealing of Soul. The art of life, if you will…

But what do I know?

I’m just a singing, dancing arts guy! I don’t know anything, and I spend my day making claims about souls and eternities and other concepts entirely unsubstantiated by SCIENCE.

HaHA!! I’m not important at all!

And if that’s the case, then I guess I can play childrens’ games and rhyme words and dance tango.

The Real Purpose Of This Article

I spent time in my 20’s as part of a music non-profit that taught team building with music as a way to develop community and empower young people. They’re still around and doing great things. Check them out.

During that period, I had an incredible amount of fun engaging with classes and inspiring fellow musicians, getting out of our heads, into our voices and instruments and bodies, and making music.

The video in this article features an exercise that we group of teachers learned from a talented and charismatic Brazilian fellow. It is a simple exercise, and through it participants can develop a sense of timing, ear skills, and the primordial communication of call and response.

Enjoy, and if called please do leave your comments and thoughts. Would love to hear from you.